Insulin and Diabetes

Diabetes is one disease that is classified as deadly because it can be a complication in the body. Diabetes mellitus in Greek discussions has the meaning of a translucent or a shower of water. Diabetes has a Latin discussion which means sweetness. Diabetes is caused because your blood glucose levels become higher than normal, which is above 120 because your pancreas can not produce insulin naturally. Some research proves that diabetes urine tastes sweet because it has contained substances that contain lots of sugar. Some of the foods you eat will definitely be changed by energy by your body. In the stomach and intestines, the food is broken down into several data elements, especially the sugar type glucose. If there is sugar, then your pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is what will be useful in the flow of sugar into the body’s cells. Do not be afraid because now there is a new breakthrough from the medical world of SoMan that will make you feel the healing of diabetes that you suffered, proven at after-use-soman-what-this-also-including-drug-diabetes_58884be6e1afbd530c5e3614.

If a person has diabetes, the pancreas of that person can not produce insulin naturally. You need to know that insulin is useful in absorbing sugar that is present in the food in the body. This is what makes sugar levels become larger because the pile of sugar from foods that can not be absorbed properly and burned to be converted into energy intake of the body. Insulin itself is a hormone that can produce pancreas. The pancreas is an organ contained in the body and is located beside the stomach. The hormone in this insulin attaches itself to the receptor contained within the cell wall of the body. Insulin is useful in opening up receptors on the cell wall so that glucose enters the cell. The cell then converts the glucose into energy that the body needs.