Some Myths of Ice Cream You Should Know

Ice cream has a fresh sweet taste and attractive colors. Including that provided by Chick Fil A Ice Cream. No wonder if children love ice cream. But you may firmly forbid children to eat ice cream because of you afraid that your child will get sick. When you become an adult, you try not to eat ice cream when the flu because you think ice cream would cause an itchy throat or slimy. Or, you avoid ice cream while running a weight loss program. All this turned out to be a myth.

Ice cream is always associated with the flu. In fact, the flu is actually caused by bacterial or virus infections. If the cause is a virus infection, the pain will go away by itself. While if the bacterial infection causes it, you need antibiotics to heal. Ice cream is a good source of energy, provided that ice cream using quality materials.

If you cough after eating ice cream (or other cold drinks), this is probably caused by changes in temperature. As a result, the respiratory tract becomes irritated. Other possibilities because dairy products usually affect saliva, and this can cause a thick mucus, which can irritate the back of the throat. That’s when you feel like coughing. However, experts said that ice cream could cause a cough if the ice cream is made from milk and nonpasteurized cream, in unhygienic conditions, and sold without a wrap.

The last is a myth avoiding ice cream while on a diet. Fatness because ice cream can happen when the ice cream contains high calories. Calories that can be obtained from basic ingredients, such as sugar, egg yolks, milk, and cream. Imagine if the ice cream is made from sweetened condensed milk, of course, will increase sugar contents. Meanwhile, an ice cream that is not extreme in using sugar, eggs, or toppings, or using low-fat milk will not make you fat. In addition, of course, you are not excessive in consuming them.