Are You Not Confident with Your Neck? Try Neck Lift!

Entering the age of 50 years, many women will complain they have a hanging neck or sagging skin around the chin. This gives the impression of a tired and older appearance. Especially if they do not eat healthy foods, then the skin is not maintained and looks older than his age. For that Seattle plastic surgeon provides solutions with plastic surgery operations.

For women who have the above problems, the most appropriate plastic surgery is neck lift. This procedure helps to enhance the shape of the neck and improve overall appearance. A neck lift can be done through liposuction operations aimed at eliminating excess fat, removing sagging skin and smoothing skin wrinkles in the neck.

Neck lift only takes a minute, for 60-90 minutes. But for healing takes up to 10-14 days. Patients should also be extra careful after neck lift surgery. The incision area should not experience excess pressure during recovery as it may cause excessive bleeding. All operations are at risk, but Seattle plastic surgeon has competent staff and doctors to make it easier for patients to recover.