Plastic Surgery is Not Only for Women

If plastic surgery is only synonymous with women, it is not entirely true. Las Vegas plastic surgeon offers plastic surgery for men who need plastic surgery, especially for those who have gynecomastia.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a relatively large breast condition. This condition can occur at any age, but usually when a man enters adulthood. Gynecomastia is caused by changes in hormones, heredity, or obesity. Gynecomastia can cause decreased confidence. Even some men avoid certain physical activity or may hide for not believing in a large-looking chest.

Gynecomastia surgery reduces breast size, flattens and improves chest contour. During the restoration period of your gynecomastia operation, will be dressed in a special outfit to minimize swelling and support your new chest contour as it heals after surgery. Swelling and scarring may appear but will fade within 7-14 days. The end result of your gynecomastia surgery will appear over the next few months.