Use of Nail Gun

With the invention of new technology in the field of power tools equipment, especially for the nail gun, this time is not the time anymore by using technology with gunpowder system, is the era with gas technology system. By using this gas technology system very many advantages gained to the work and the user. If you are looking for a nail gun, you can visit our website and find the best framing nail guns.

Before you decide to buy a nail gun, you’ll want to know what the uses of the nail gun are. In general, the nail gun is used for the work of concrete and steel acting, for a shorter explanation of how the recognition of the work field works.

1. Recognition of concrete
At the time of admission to the concrete, due to the pressure of the spikes that enter the concrete will arise heat in the extreme, this is what resulted in the spikes in the concrete with a very high gate once. In order for the recording results in accordance with the expected and maximal, there are several recommendations that must be considered, namely:

– Distance to the edge

The minimum distance to the edge should be greater than 75 mm from the edge of the concrete, otherwise, it will cause the concrete to crack so that the nail strap is not firm.

– The minimum distance between the spikes

Installation of one nail with another nail should be set the distance in such a way as to avoid the occurrence of cracking of concrete during the installation of the nail gun. This condition is not allowed to recognize the distance is too close, the minimum distance between one nail with another nail recommended minimum distance 50 mm.

– Concrete thickness

The thickness of the concrete is very important to be considered to obtain a good work of recognition, in the sense of optimal recognition alignment. In general, the thickness of the concrete must be thicker than the minimum thickness of three times the penetration of the nail gun used.

2. Recognition of steel

In order for optimal recording results there are several things that must be considered include:

– Distance to the edge

The recommended distance to the edge of the nail gun to the steel is a minimum of 13 mm from the edge.

– Minimum distance between spikes

The recommended minimum distance between the acting of one nail and the other spike is a minimum of 25 mm.

– Steel thickness

Steel thickness for stirring is not allowed for thickness thinner than the diameter of the installed nail.