Standard Size of Doors and Windows for Shelter

The size of doors and windows is usually not disputed by many people because the shape and size are considered not too important. Though the size of doors and windows are actually different from each other. This difference is based on its function and layout. In the construction world, there is a standard size standard used for doors and windows on occupancy. The standard is intended to provide comfort and optimize the use of functions and windows at home. There are problems arising from wearing windows and doors of incorrect size or below predetermined standards, such as inhibition of air in and out access, health risks and so on. You need a professional as well as Austin window treatments to solve your windows problem. They offer the best performance based on experience and consultation with the problem of window treatments austin and doors of your home.

So what is the standard size for windows and doors at home? The standard size of the window is divided into four parts, namely this window is usually in front close to the door of the house. The size of the main window at least the width of at least 80 cm and 120 cm high. Room Window. The location of this window is in the room and its function for lighting and air circulation. Window Boven; These windows are generally placed in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a small window to meet the needs of air and lighting in the room. Its size generally has a width and height of at least 30 cm. It is recommended that the room window size of at least 60 cm wide and 80 cm high. Although the installation is in accordance with the size, there are times when some problems occur in the installation of windows, such as casement windows difficult to open or close. The windows casement is a swinging window that has the sides of the associated shutters. The way to open it is to be swung out or inside.

When it is difficult to open or close, that is, there are debris or debris that block the trajectory. In addition, it can also on the hinges, need to be cleaned, replaced. This type of window requires maintenance to operate efficiently. Water leaked through windows became one of the troublesome window symptoms. This condition clearly shows you that the window does not close. First, make sure you lock the window. During heavy rains, water can be locked out. If the windows are tightly closed and water still goes inside, especially if leaks occur near the top, then there is the worst possible. This leak may not be due to windows but comes from other places, such as a roof or wall, and water dripping down the wall and into the window.