Why is CEFR important?

an academic environment. Even, the UK government also use the test made by CEFR, the B1 English test, as a qualification for those applying to become new British citizens. For example, they can book the test on britishlifeskills.com.

Other than that, you also need to know that if you learn more than one language, like most Europeans, the CEFR is an easy, standard way to include bilingual or more abilities that you can include in your CV. At school or college, the CEFR is a standard framework throughout Europe and can be used unconditionally.

However, in the corporate environment, CEFR is not widely understood. If you decide to use CEFR on your CV for professional reasons, you still need to include a level description, a standardized test score, and an example of your language proficiency environment (study abroad, work abroad, etc.).